About This Game

  • Platform: Itch
  • Genre: Platformer Local Multiplayer
  • Status: Released

Tools & Technologies

Unity, C#, Aseprite

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Battle your way through 4 unique mines in this fast-paced and strategic combat game. With 4 different slimes to choose from and a versus mode for 2 to 4 players, the action never stops. Eat and spit slime to gain the upper hand as you explore diverse levels.

Explore NATURIA, a vibrant green realm teeming with life, but watch out for air vents that can send you soaring. Venture into the treacherous STONE CAVES, where rocks shoot from the walls. Journey through ORE LAND, a mineral-rich landscape where beautiful rocks can be your downfall. And be wary of CRATUS, where scorching heat can melt even the smallest slime. Navigate these mines and emerge victorious in this exciting slime-filled adventure!​

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